[GBW] Peter Franck/Dard Hunter marbled paper for sale

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Mon Nov 2 09:40:40 EST 2015

I received this message about some marbled paper which my be of interest to
someone. Please contact Janet directly at janet.taylor851 at gmail.com with



Janet Taylor (janet.taylor851 at gmail.com) sent a message using the contact
form at https://guildofbookworkers.org/contact.

I found a tube of handmade paper by Dard Hunter and marbled paper by Peter
Franck at an estate sale in Sarasota, Fl. I noticed the one sheet of paper
that has written on it has a watermark that says Handmade.  The other plain
sheet of paper has a Dard Hunter watermark with insignia. The marbled
sheets have Peter Franck's signature and watermarks but are not Dard
Hunters. I've taken pictures of the sheets and three of the marbled paper.
I have 16 marbled sheets in all.

If you have any questions please let me know. I will be posting these on
eBay unless you have any other suggestions.

Janet Taylor

janet.taylor851 at gmail.com
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