[GBW] FW: Marina Soria coming to teach in Santa Rosa, CA at bookbarnkat studios

Kath Thomas kaththomas2 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 00:19:57 EDT 2015

Kath Thomas recently relocated her bookbarnkat studios from Florence Italy,
where she was studying bookbinding, bench-based restoration, and paper arts
for the last five years, to Santa Rosa, CA (60 miles N.of San Francisco).
The first class that will be hosted in her studio on August 11 & 12, 2015 is
by Marina Soria, a MASTER CALLIGRAPHER visiting from Buenos Aires,


Ms. Soria's background is in the graphic arts but she transformed her
knowledge and talent exclusively into calligraphy and has been exhibiting
and teaching worldwide for many years.  Her art is collected by many
libraries, museums and collectors and reproduced in many calligraphy
magazines for enthusiasts. 


Ms. Soria is teaching in the intimate setting of Kath's beautiful new studio
to only eight students this particular weekend at the very reasonable price
of $150 total.  You are invited to apply to this invitation to explore the
magic of bold and matching white space calligraphy with this sought after
instructor at http://www.bookbarnkatstudios.com/events/11/the-empty-space/  


dypthic divine 2.jpg

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