[GBW] ”Limp bindings from the Vatican Library" - Exhibition closing in Stockholm (Sweden) THIS Sunday, catalog available until sold out.

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”Limp bindings from the Vatican Library," a catalog and exhibition curated by
Monica Langwe

To order your copy of the catalog go to <http://www.langwe.se/store/en/
Catalog details: Full colour/printed in English/43 pages; price of ca. $63US
includes VAT; shipping costs will be added at checkout.


In her second book, “Limp bindings from the Vatican Library”, Monica Langwe
acquaints the reader with yet more variants of “limp bindings”, an exciting
binding technique used mainly on volumes for everyday use such as chronicles,
ledgers and registers. These are techniques with an almost infinite possible
variations of materials, methods, and structure. Since glue is seldom used, one
can easily combine a number of different materials.

With 1.1 million printed books and 80,000 manuscripts, the Vatican Library is
one of the most significant libraries in the world. Over a
period of several years the author had the opportunity to study large groups of
these materials at the Vatican Library, also learning
about the archives and conservation department of the Library as well.

>From the long list of examined bindings, the author selected 11 examples from
the 15th to the early 18th centuries, all different from each other, created
models and technical descriptions, and then invited 11 book artists from
Estonia, France, Italy, Sweden, the United States, and United Kingdom to create
their own interpretation, using one of the originals as departure point. Also
included is an introduction to the Vatican Library and Archives, as well as its
Conservation Department. The design - layout, headings and illustrations - of
the catalog has been inspired by the medieval works the author has examined.

Artists in the exhibition are:
Jody Alexander, Carmencho Arregui, Guy Begbie, Manne Dahlstedt, Sün Evard, Hedi
Kyle, Monica Langwe, Lennart Mänd, Chela Metzger, Suzanne Schmollgruber, Peter
D. Verheyen

Final Venue:
The exhibit has had a great run at the Dalarnas Museum in Falun, Sweden and the
Svenska Institutet/Instituto Svedese di Studi Classici in Rome, Italy.

It will close on THIS Sunday, December 15 at Stankta Eugenia
katolska församling in Stockholm, Sweden.
<http://www.sanktaeugenia.se/>. See it if
you are in the area THIS weekend.

A review of her first book, "Limp Bindings from Tallinn [Estonia]" can be read
in The Bonefolder, volume 5, number 1, 2008 at
<http://www.philobiblon.com/bonefolder/vol5no1contents.htm>. The review will
also give a sense of the excellent photography and diagrams - "Limp bindings
from the Vatican Library" builds on that precedent.

To order your copy of the catalog go to <http://www.langwe.se/store/en/>. There
are also some sample pages available there.

Catalog details: Full colour/printed in English/43 pages; price of ca. $63US
includes VAT; shipping costs will be added at checkout.

PayPal used for checkout. "Limp Bindings from Tallinn" is also still available
for purchase.

For more information contact:

Monica Langwe
<monica at langwe.se>


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