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Joanne Berkowitz joannebe at pacbell.net
Sun Dec 8 16:38:41 EST 2013

I'd appreciate posting this to the list:
I bought the contents of a small bindery and this electric type holder was in it. The cord was very frayed and damaged and it had been repaired before and again now and it actually works. Has anyone any experience with these? Are they useful?  Is there a place to get parts as I have two but the second is not complete. Does anyone know when this may have actually been used? It had a very old fashioned 2-wire cord and someone had wired a primitive thermostat into the cord at an earlier date. Comments below are from my brother who repaired it.
Thanks for any info.
Joanne Berkowitz
Sacramento, CA


Fixed the tools as best I could.

Tool on Left:
  a.. Guy apparently tried to replace the heater but couldn't find the exact replacement so he kludged in a different heater.  That's why the heater cover is all bent up with screws put in different places.  
  b.. I fixed the wiring from the heater to the switch so it is a little safer. 
  c.. He put a 3 wire power cord on.  Since the device was made before 3 wire cords even existed, the ground wire was doing absolutely nothing.  I replaced the power cord with a two wire cord. 
  d.. One of the thumbscrews was not held in place with anything so it turned freely.  The other thumbscrew was held on by a bent nail.  I installed cotter pins for both thumbscrews. 
  e.. I tested the thing.  It heats up, the switch works correctly and it is relatively safe but there is no guarantee on how long it will last.
Tool on Right:
  a.. Looks like it's supposed to have the same heater as the other tool.  Since these things are antiques, it is probably hard or impossible to get the right heater.  Do you know of anywhere you can get heaters of any sort for these things? 
  b.. Removed and replaced the broken screw for the handle. 
  c.. The wooden handle turns rather freely.  Should I find some way to stop it from turning?
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