[GBW] A Short History of Bookbinding in the United States

Peter D. Verheyen verheyen at philobiblon.com
Sat Dec 7 15:11:38 EST 2013

"Even in the atomic age, hand bookbinding will 
have a strong place in the culture of the United States."

Concluding sentence from "A Short History of 
Bookbinding in the United States" by Lawrence S. Thompson.

This is from a most curious assembled typescript 
I just bought, "with pp. 1-12 (and possibly an 
unnumbered 13th page following) provided in 
original typescript, pp. 11-34 (continuing the 
text uninterrupted, though in a different type 
font) provided in facsimile/photocopy, all 
printed on recto only. The latter portion shows 
several stamps from the University of Kentucky 
Libraries and various corrections to the 
typescript, so we are tempted to assume that it may be a copy." (Dealer text)

Will need to confirm, but this may be the 
original English of an article published in/for 
Germany, "Kurze Geschichte der Handbuchbinderei 
in den vereinigten Staaten von Amerika," 
[Stuttgart, Max Hettler 1955] that I also have. I 
have not found it listed anywhere in English. 
Interesting information in particular (to me) on 
German-trained binders in the US. Need to compare 
with my German text, but looks like a match. Lots 
of info on Guild of Book Workers members, too.

Thompson also published "Fine Binding In America, 
The Story Of The Club Bindery," but that is a differnet book.


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