[GBW] The Thread That Binds: Bonefolder Bind-O-Rama 2010 Now Online

Peter D. Verheyen verheyen at philobiblon.com
Thu Dec 30 11:04:47 EST 2010

Been spending lots of time laying out the 2011 
issue of The Bonefolder this holiday break – 
going to be a very full and exciting issue – so 
that it can get to all of you in the next two weeks.

As a sneak peek I've decided to release the 2010 
Bind-O-Rama of Pamela Leutz's "The Thread That 
Binds on the Book Arts Web at <http://www.philobiblon.com/bindorama10>.

The Thread That Binds was introduced in the Fall 
2009 issue of the Bonefolder with the chapter on 
Craig Jensen, and a review by Jeffrey S. Peachey 
was published in the Spring 2010 issue. 
Interestingly, the call for entries for this 
Bind-O-Rama also brought in 21 entries, including 
two from binders interviewed in the book – 
Catherine Burkhard and Karen Hanmer. Other 
binders interviewed are: Eleanore Ramsey, Tini 
Miura, Frank Lehmann, Monique Lallier, Jan 
Sobota, Priscilla Spitler, Craig Jensen, Scott 
Kellar, Sol Rebora, Timothy Ely, Jim Croft, Cris 
Clair Takacs, Don Rash, Daniel Kelm, Peer Geraty, 
William Minter, Gabrielle Fox, Don Glaister, and Don Etherington.

Introduction to the Bind-O-Rama by Pamela Leutz

The Thread That Binds began from my desire to 
find out about the lives of some of the private 
practice bookbinders I had met at the Guild of 
Book Workers Standards of Excellence meetings. I 
wanted to find out what led them to book work, 
where they worked, where they learned, what they 
enjoyed about their work, what they didn’t like, 
how they made a living. I only planned to visit a 
few bookbinders and maybe write an article for 
our bookbinding chapter’s newsletter. My visits 
grew to include 21 interviews and delightfully 
morphed into the book, The Thread That Binds. I 
had a fabulous time visiting these bookbinders and hearing their stories.

I am thrilled that this book was chosen as the 
book to bind for the Bind-O-Rama and for the 
upcoming Lone Star Chapter exhibition. I had the 
pleasure to bind my edition in the presence of 
one of the people I interviewed, Jan Sobota, in 
the Czech Republic. I chose to bind it in Jan’s 
three-board binding style. I made it playful, a 
charming characteristic I found in most of the bookbinders I interviewed.

So, view ot now online at <http://www.philobiblon.com/bindorama10>.

The book is available from Oak Knoll at 


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