[GBW] Kelsey Printing Press

Nelly Balloffet nballoffet at optonline.net
Wed Dec 15 20:35:44 EST 2010

Need a last minute present?  Or perhaps you might be planning to try  
printing in the new year? I have a 5 x 8 Kelsey tabletop printing  
press. I bought it about 25 years ago with the thought that I would  
print spine labels for books. This turned out not to be practical and  
soon after that, computers came into my life. Since then it's been  
either on display as an objet or in storage in my studio. It is not  
rusty and the parts move freely. It does need new rollers. If you are  
interested, reply to nballoffet at optonline.net and I will send pictures  
and try to answer questions. The price is $350, picked up in  
Westchester County, north of NYC.

Nelly Balloffet

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