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Peter D. Verheyen verheyen at philobiblon.com
Fri Dec 10 13:40:46 EST 2010

In terms of privacy and spam, I think the Guild's approach is  
reasonable, prudent, and on par with other organizations.

Given financial exigencies the Guild has two options (maybe three).

1) Raise dues 50% to cover increasing costs - Dues are still a  
bargain, and even hiked 50% would be way less than AIC, ALA, and other  

2) Cut services like directories, Newsletter, Journal... Exhibitions  
(and their catalogs) pay for themselves through donations and other  

3) Make things available through print on demand vendors, that just  
passes the costs on.

What'll it be folks?

In terms of security... we are far more dangerous to ourselves when we  
advertently reply to messages by sending cc information to a listserv,  
cc'ing a huge friend list, ... Been there, done all of those and  

Ok, back to your regular program...


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