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Peter D. Verheyen verheyen at philobiblon.com
Fri Dec 10 13:15:13 EST 2010

Really amazed at the response to the online issue, but so be it...  
That said, if GBW wanted, they could lock down the PDF directory so  
that nothing can be copied/pasted... That would be a pain, but if  
someone really wanted they could just rekey... Point is, you can do  
that with print as well.

I think it is very reasonable of GBW to move forward with making some  
of these resources available online - saves $$$, and easier to update.  
My lament is coordination of announcements isn't ideal resulting in  
confusion like now.

For a print directory, another option would be having it printed on  
demand by Lulu or Blurb and then folks could order online. The link  
could be kept hidden and be available only via the "members only"  
area. Fill out the order form, pay (maybe $10 at cost), and it'll  
arrive in your mail in about 2 weeks. Yes, it's passing on the costs,  
but so be it.


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Quoting Mark Andersson <markjandersson at gmail.com>:

> Can I just pipe in and say this is not going to be an on-line directory.
> It is going to be a pdf file you can download and print and bind.  Or
> search on your computer.
> Web crawlers won't go through a pdf file, especially one that they can't
> get into because it's password protected.
> I understand the reservations about an online directory, but this is not
> going to be that.
> m

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