[GBW] GBW Directory

Mark Andersson markjandersson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 13:04:33 EST 2010

Can I just pipe in and say this is not going to be an on-line directory.
It is going to be a pdf file you can download and print and bind.  Or
search on your computer.

Web crawlers won't go through a pdf file, especially one that they can't
get into because it's password protected.

I understand the reservations about an online directory, but this is not
going to be that.


On 12/10/10 10:37, "Jane Brown" <jmccbrown at knology.net> wrote:

>I have to voice agreement with Louise and Janice regarding the Directory.
>When asked some time ago whether to list my name one the internet list,
>I requested that it not be listed.
>If enough people don't want their information listed the internet
>Directory will
>be incomplete enough not to be very worthwhile as a GBW Directory.  With
>knowing so much more than I do I don't consider anything on the internet
>It will help to have the Directory only password accessible, but, that
>has its
>problems as well.
>I certainly understand the stand of the Board trying to make information
>available and save money, but
>I have to say, I'm not in favor of an on-line Directory -- granted, I'm
>school that likes paper.
>(Maybe that is why I'm a bookbinder - though all books don't seem to be
>paper any
>more either.)
>Jane Brown
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