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 Hi Andrea,

There may not be any one short course that can cover all the basics, but there are some useful short courses for those needing a foundation in traditional bookbinding to underpin a potential interest in paper conservation for paper in books. The cloth case binding workshop, non-adhesive binding workshop and the limp vellum workshop at North Bennet are good basics. Better yet, their three month intensive is potentially a very useful basic intro. The American Academy of Bookbinding has their 2011 course schedule up on the web, and offers some fundamentals courses as well. I am sure you will get advise about others as well.


Chela Metzger

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Dear Guild of Bookworkers,

I recently joined this guild with the hope to get more involved with
local workshops and events in this field. I am a pre-program student
interested specifically in paper conservation and I am looking for an
introductory bookbinding course offered locally. I currently live in
Wilmington, DE. I have found a few great schools for bookbinding (The
School for Formal Bookbinding with Don Rash and The North Street
Bennett School), but I am looking for a course to teach me the basics.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you,
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