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Subject: CoOL is Coming to AIC
CoOL is Coming to
Having reviewed a proposal from AIC and
following several discussions, Stanford University Libraries has
decided that AIC will be given responsibility for CoOL and the
Conservation DistList. The transfer of content from the Stanford
servers will take place immediately with expert guidance from Walter
Henry, John Burke, and technicians at Stanford.
Our first goal is to have the DistList
operational as soon as possible.  Watch for one or more
announcements on the DistList for periodic updates regarding the
resumption of activity.  Other CoOL resources will come online
under new URLs as expeditiously as possible.
AIC is pleased to be entrusted with these
invaluable resources and for the opportunity to sustain and develop
them into the future.   Our goal is to keep CoOL and the
Distlist safe, viable, objective, and accessible for the conservation
community worldwide.
Thank you for your support of this major
- AIC Executive Director Eryl Wentworth
and the AIC Board of Directors

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