[GBW] GBW website

James Reid-Cunningham reid-cunningham at bostonathenaeum.org
Fri Jun 12 09:27:01 EDT 2009

Many of you will have heard that Stanford University will no long be
supporting the COOL server, which hosts many book and conservation sites,
the GBW website included.

The board decided many months ago that we couldn't continue to rely on
Stanford to host our site for free indefinitely, so we began the process of
lining up server space of our own and recreating the entire website. The
target date for the new website and server to be up is this coming Monday,
although it will actually take a week or two longer.

We have copies of all of the GBW content and pages currently on the COOL
server, except for the member listserv archives before 2006, so even if
Stanford suddenly pulls the plug, only the archives would be lost. There is
no reason to believe that is likely to happen.

So at this time, we have no reason to believe that the GBW website will be
down for any period, but I'll keep you posted.


James Reid-Cunningham
Chief Conservator
Boston Athenaeum
10 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston MA 02108
reid-cunningham at bostonathenaeum.org

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