[GBW] International Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding, Estonia, 2010

Peter D. Verheyen verheyen at philobiblon.com
Tue Jun 9 17:26:36 EDT 2009

The Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders
in co-operation with the Estonian Academy of Arts
and the Estonian Leatherwork Artists’ Union
invites you to participate in the International 
Exhibition of Artistic Bookbinding

Scripta manent IV “The Word Was Sung“ (“Lauldud sõna”)
at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art And Design.

The exhibition will be opened on September 28, 
2010 and will remain open until January 9, 2011.

All artists who relate to a book as a binding or 
as an object of art through any material or 
technique are welcome to participate. With this 
exhibition we continue the tradition of 
international bookbinding exhibitions in Estonia. 
We follow the set practice that all participating 
artists bind the same collections of text. This 
time the exhibition is dedicated to the famous 
Estonian composer Veljo Tormis whose music has 
been inspired by the rich folklore and nature of 
the Fenno-Ugric peoples and who is celebrating his 80th birthday in 2010.

300 bibliophile numbered sets of sheets in size 
32 x 22,5 cm have been published for the 
exhibition. Parallel texts in the Estonian and 
English language have been printed on Cyclus 
Offset 140 g plain paper made from recyclable 
fibre. The title of the book is „The Sung Word“, 
the author of the book is Veljo Tormis, the text 
has been written down by Urve Lippus from audio 
transcripts and jottings. The text, exemplified 
with musical notes, consists of four lectures 
where Veljo Tormis speaks about his creative work 
and the Estonian folk music. The sets of sheets 
are accompanied by a CD that contains excerpts of 
works by Veljo Tormis, his take on folk music for contemporary world.

Compositions by Veljo Tormis unite primal and 
current sensibilities, the lore that has been 
sung and will be sung again and again. He shows 
to the audience the prehistoric spirit of our 
ancestors and helps to perceive the true nature 
of regilaul (the Estonian runic song)  the world 
that existed in ancient songs and still continues to exist nowadays.
Simple and yet mystic music by Veljo Tormis has 
fascinated thousands of music lovers in Estonia 
and abroad. The composer does not comment on folk 
song, he simply brings out all that existed in 
the folk song since its inception at the time of 
shamans, spells and incantations.

Please send the applications for participation in 
the exhibition and for acquisition of the sets to 
Mrs. Sirje Kriisa, the chairperson of the 
Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders, by August 1, 2009:

Mrs. Sirje Kriisa
Allika Street 2-54
76607 Keila
Republic of Estonia
E-mail: sirje.kriisa at scriptamanent.ee

The participation fee, which contains the cost of 
sheets, the exhibition catalogue and the postal 
expenses, is 90 EUR. Payments should be made via 
bank transfer to the Non-Profit Organization 
Estonian Association of Designer Bookbinders:

Receiver: Eesti Koitekunstnike Uhendus MTU
Bank: Swedbank AS, Liivalaia Street 8, 15040 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia
Reg. code: 10060701
IBAN code: EE032200001120170592

NB! The artistic binding or object should not 
weigh more than 3 kg and not exceed the 
measurements 40 x 40 x 40 cm. Every artist who 
has registered and paid the participation fee 
will receive the set of sheets by post to the 
postal address written on the registration form. 
The exhibits together with a short biography of 
the creative work of the artist and a short 
technical description should be sent to the 
Academic Library of Tallinn University starting 
from February 1, 2010. The deadline for sending 
exhibits is March 1, 2010 at the following address:

Mr. Rene Haljasmäe
Academic Library of Tallinn University
Rävala pst. 10
15042 Tallinn
Republic of Estonia
Tel. (+372) 665


I wish to participate in the international 
exhibition of bookbinding Scripta manent IV
„The Word Was Sung/Lauldud sõna”

First name:

Family name:

Date of birth:

Address:          Street:
                         Postal code, city:

Telephone / Fax:


O I have acquainted myself with the terms and 
conditions of the competition and am obliged to observe them

O I agree to have my contact data published in the catalogue of the exhibition




Description of the bookbinding or book object „The Word Was Sung/Lauldud sõna”


Used materials:

Used techniques:

(cm)     Length:                   Width:                         Height:



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