[GBW] Hedi Kyle Festschrift published and available

Peter D. Verheyen verheyen at philobiblon.com
Tue Jun 9 17:07:11 EDT 2009

A FESTSCHRIFT honoring HEDI KYLE and her work was recently published
in conjunction with the Hybrid Book Conference in Philadelphia. Copies
are now available for $25 plus shipping from


Many of the articles include drawings and photographs of book
structures of interest to book artists. In addition, a number of
articles address theoretical and historical issues in the field of
book arts.


Brian Hannon: Hedi Kyle & Her Influence
Keith Smith: One Section Alternating Loop
Richard Francisco: Hedi Kyle & the Bicameral Mind
Sün Evrard: From Workshop to Design
Pamela Spitzmueller: Historic Stiff Leaf Books of Wood
Suzanne Schmollgruber: Aus ganzem Herzen (All-in-One Book)
Richard Minsky: Tribute
Scott McCarney: Diamond Fold
Emily Martin: Secret From Hedi (Secret Belgium Import Binding)
Carol Barton: Pop-Up Flag Book
Barbara Tetenbaum: Solution for a Pamphlet German Case Binding
Monica Langwe: Limp Bindings from Tallinn
Timothy Barrett: Tribute
Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo: La Libellula: A Wrapper Case for a Single Sheet
Susan Viguers: Recipe for a Complicated Dinner (Flexigon)
Gary Frost: Retrospective of the Future of the Book
Karen Hanmer: Modular Approach to Assembly of Jacob’s Ladder
Jeanette McGrath: Broken Back Book
Susan King: Elegant Solution
Winnie Radolan: Young Hands
Timothy Ely: Index
Claire Van Vliet: Cube Box
Denise Carbone: Watch, Think
Julia Miller: American Scaleboard Binding
Peter Kruty: Printing High-Resolution Images on Uncoated Cotton Stock
Carmencho Arregui: Transformation
Elsi Vassdal Ellis: Planting Seeds: Combinatory Experiences in Book Arts
Julie Chen: Magic Window Shade
Rutherford Witthus: Densely Folded Media
Cor Aerssens: Wrapper Sewings
Peter D. Verheyen: Der Gebrochene Rucken (German Case Binding)
Carol Moore: Happy Haptic Harbinger
Nancy Tomasko: Chinese String Bound Book
Benjamin Elbel: Postcard Album
Betsy Palmer Eldridge: Binding Folio Images: Fore-Edge Attachments

Rutherford Witthus
Walpole, New Hampshire (USA)
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