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Peter D. Verheyen verheyen at philobiblon.com
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Interesting article on membership organizations. 
While his article is written for records 
managers, the points the author makes are 
relevant for any number of other membership 
societies like the Guild of Book Workers, DB, 
AIC, KGB, CIA, ... The article constantly refers 
to Web 2.0 (all that fuzzy interactive stuff), 
but I think it applies to Web 1.0 and everything in between as well.

>The business model of the large UK membership 
>organizations is that in return for a membership 
>fee they will provide exclusive access to news, 
>information resources and networking 
>opportunities. This was tenable in the days 
>before web 2.0 when news, information resources 
>and networking opportunities were scare 
>resources. But in the web 2.0 world all three are becoming abundant and free.
>It is a triple whammy.  The web 2.0 world is 
>exposing weaknesses in the business model of 
>membership societies. Their business model is 
>making it hard for membership societies to grasp 
>the opportunities that are open to them in the 
>web 2.0 world.  The web 2.0 world makes it 
>possible for professionals to organise 
>themselves in new ways – and is throwing up 
>alternatives to the traditional membership society model.
>The time was when the only way that you could 
>keep up with news and opinions from a profession 
>was through the relevent membership society’s 
>newsletter/bulletin/journal. Now the fastest and 
>best way of obtaining news is to follow the 
>contributions of fellow professions to blogs, 
>on-line forums, mailing lists, twitter, Linkedin 
>groups, facebook groups etc.  Time was when to 
>get your writing published you had to go through 
>your membership society’s 
>newsletter/bulletin/journal.  Now you can publish yourself.

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