[GBW] Letterpress Basics with Art Larson

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Fri Jun 5 09:03:00 EDT 2009

We always hear great feedback about Art's workshops!

Letterpress Basics with Art Larson
July 11–12, Saturday–Sunday
Tuition: $220 plus materials: $30
Enrollment limited to seven.
Special location: Horton Tank Graphics, Hadley, MA, U.S.A.

This two-day workshop is designed as an introduction to letterpress  
printing and hand typesetting. It also serves well as a refresher for  
those of you who want to review and practice basic skills.

You can expect to learn the lay of the case, set and justify lines of  
type, make up a color form, letterspace type, use a slug cutter, and  
kern type on a Hamilton saw.

You will also learn to print. You will learn how to operate a  
Vandercook No. 4 Proof Press (there are two in the shop) and a  
Vandercook 325G. Topics to be explored will be packing the press,  
making ready the form, locking up type, adjusting the form rollers,  
and fine inking and impression.

Each participant will print a multi-colored broadside in a small  
edition, six copies to be shared with the other participants.

No previous experience is required.

Please register by visiting www.GarageAnnexSchool.com.

Daniel E. Kelm
Wide Awake Garage
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Easthampton, MA 01027
413-529-0071 fax
daniel.kelm at mac.com

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