[GBW] Expansion of Remarks and Correction to GBW Newsletter Number 18, December 2009

Judy judy at signah.com
Thu Dec 10 16:08:24 EST 2009

We wish to thank the Editor of the GBW Newsletter, President Jim-Ried 
Cunningham and reporters who wrote a full report about Standards 2009 in 
San Francisco, and for the fine  photographs of the 2009 Standards of 
Excellence in Hand Bookbinding conference in the December 2009 Newsletter.

It is important to note, however, that accompanying the photo of the 
beautiful folded Oregami cranes on page 10, it be pointed out that the 
wonderful "1000 Cranes" decorations for the banquet were the brainchild 
and work of the Southern California contingent of the California Chapter 
under the direction of Barbara Wood, with inspiration from Tini Miura.  
Although many of the cranes were made in San Francisco, all credit for 
those lovely garlands of cranes and Zen Garden table decorations goes to 
them.  Beautiful Japanese paper was donated, trays were hand-carried 
from Japan,  heavy bags of sand and carefully selected and polished 
stones were transported, to San Francisco, and many hands strung the 

The Hand Bookbinders of California, co-sponsors of Standards 2009 thank 
the California Chapter for their many contribution to the festivities.

Signa Houghteling, for the
Local Arrangements Committee, San Francisco

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