[GBW] book-related videos needed for exhibit

Nellie Stavisky NeStavisky at JTSA.EDU
Tue Jan 29 15:36:03 EST 2008

You might try Caririage House Paper Mill  (Elaine 
Koretsky in Brookline Mass and Donna Koretsky in 
Brooklyn, N.Y.) for videos on paper-making.

Good luck,
Nellie Stavisky

At 12:18 PM 1/29/2008, you wrote:
>Apologies for cross-posting

>   I am co-curating an exhibit called “Books 
> Outside the Binding” at the Alice C. Sabatini 
> Gallery at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public 
> Library in Topeka, Kansas. As part of the 
> exhibit we would like to loop videos on 
> different aspects of bookmaking -- specifically 
> papermaking, bookbinding, and letterpress printing.
>   I’ve done a little searching and come up with 
> some great videos from the GBW. Unfortunately, 
> they’re 3 hours long. We need something 30 
> minutes to 1 hour, something fairly basic so 
> that people can circulate through the exhibit 
> and pick up some good information in a relatively short period of time.
>   Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please 
> contact me off-list at bblack at tscpl.org.
>   Brea Black
>   Special Collections Librarian
>   Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
>   1515 SW 10th Ave.
>   Topeka, KS 66604
>   bblack at tscpl.org
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