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I sent this message last week, and a few people told me that it was hard to
read; apparently, the formatting interfered with me posting it clearly to
the list. Here it is again. I hope it works this time. Joe Newman was a very
active member of the Guild, and he was an exacting craftsman, and an
all-around great guy.


The Joseph Newman Scholarship Fund

Joe Newman was a skilled and talented bookbinder and conservator. Joe first
apprenticed at the Harcourt Bindery in Boston and later became the shop
manager. He left the Harcourt to start a small binding business, Pride's
Crossing Bindery in Beverly Farms, which he ran successfully for four years.
He joined the staff at the Northeast Document Conservation Center in 1983
where he worked as a book conservator for more than twenty years.  Joe was a
generous mentor and teacher and many benefited greatly from his
connoisseurship and knowledge of binding history. Joe's willingness to share
his knowledge and love of books with his colleagues at NEDCC earned him the
nickname "The River".  He believed strongly that bookbinding skills were
best learned by spending time at the bench.

The Joseph Newman Scholarship Fund is being established by the North Bennet
Street School and Joe's colleagues from the Northeast Document Conservation
Center. The fund will be used to benefit bookbinding students at the North
Bennet Street School. The mission of the school is to train students for
careers in traditional trades that use hand skills to preserve and advance
craft traditions and to promote greater appreciation of craftsmanship. The
bookbinding program at North Bennet Street School was begun in 1986 and is
the only full-time bench bookbinding program in North America. The two-year
program admits six students each year.

Make checks payable to North Bennet Street School and send contributions to:

The Joseph Newman Scholarship Fund
North Bennet Street School
39 North Bennet Street
Boston, Massachusetts  02113

James Reid-Cunningham
Chief Conservator
Boston Athenaeum
10 1/2 Beacon Street
Boston MA 02108
reid-cunningham at bostonathenaeum.org

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