[GBW] treasurer's report

Alicia Bailey absubscriptions at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 14:57:37 EST 2008

greetings all - i won't be at this week's meeting as i am in austria  
(the meeting will begin around 1:30 in the morning here so even if i  
did call in i would likely be incoherent)

attached is a PDF of the 12/31/07 P&L. it is by no means a final  
report as i haven't had a chance to check for errors. please note  
that the profit for standards will decrease as i haven't posted the  
general ledger adjustments regarding the scholarships - some of the  
standards profit (around $600) will be pulled from income and put  
into expenses. also, the auction income shouldn't be in the standards  
category but in its own. and i haven't received a final bill from  
andy small for his video work.

it looks like we will be able to use the existing merchant vendor  
account (for processing credit cards online). i've given the info to  

as to the covering expenses of the travel award recipients - perhaps  
we could cover registration no matter what, and in years when there  
are funds available cover all or part of the travel as well. maybe we  
don't need to make this a policy, or make it widely known, and leave  
room for adjusting as needed, although, as jim mentions, this could  
get tricky.

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