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Tue Jan 8 12:34:53 EST 2008

Chicago book and installation artist Karen Hanmer's solo exhibition 
Celestial Navigation runs January 19 through February 29 at the Susan 
Hensel Gallery of Narrative Art in Minneapolis, with an opening 
reception Friday, January 18 5-9 pm. At once vast and minimal, sparse 
and rich, the night sky has always been a canvas upon which people 
project their myths and dreams. The artists' books and installation that 
comprise Celestial Navigation explore what people are searching for, and 
what they find, by performing the ancient ritual of looking at the stars.

The walls of the gallery are sheathed in panels of translucent paper 
printed with an image of the Milky Way, creating a space for viewing two 
artists' books that take the form of a collection of hinged triangles. 
The books can be held in the hand and read page by page like a 
traditional book, can be unfolded flat to reference a historical 
astronomical chart, or can be folded into an infinite variety of 
sculptural shapes.

Star Poems presents quotes that document response to the night sky 
across the ages by philosophers, artists, and poets from Plato and Byron 
to contemporary writers, scientists and astronauts. This text is paired 
with 17th century mythological images of constellation forms and images 
of early star gazers. In Celestial Navigation, a brief poem by the 
artist gives insight into what someone might be seeking when they look 
to the stars. This is paired with a listing of ancient and modern 
instruments used to navigate by the stars, historical images of these 
instruments, and an 19th century star chart.

A second solo show, Retro Tech at Florida Atlantic University in Boca 
Raton, Florida February 5-April 28 pairs fine bindings with artists' 
books sharing themes of history, technology, exploration, cultural 
memory and the Midwestern landscape. The artist will give a gallery talk 
4 pm Friday, February 22.

Hanmer will give workshops concurrent with each exhibition: in 
Minneapolis January 19-20 at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Quick, 
Expressive Paperback Rebind with Decorated Edges; and at Florida 
Atlantic University February 23-24, All Shook Up: Flag Books -- 
Interplay of Image and Text.

Links to details, a complete catalog of Hanmer's work, and a calendar 
for 2008 and beyond are online at http://www.karenhanmer.com/

Karen Hanmer
karen at karenhanmer.com


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