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Frank Mowery FMowery at FOLGER.edu
Sun Jan 6 18:33:03 EST 2008

save your money and contact Peter Mecklenburg, Museum Services/ Conservation Emporium  tel # 651-450-8954
they made for me various size trays of High density Polyethylene.  they are white, tough, chemically nearly inert,  and I have been using them for several years and love them.  they are a fraction of the cost of S/S.  he can make a sink out of it as well.
At The Folger we have had S/S sinks for years but recently have had even S/S 316 (kitchen grade  not lab grade) S/S  sinks have rust spots.  The HDPE  trays are rigid, and chemically inert (only a few exotic acids will attack it).
Frank Mowery


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Please excuse any cross-posting

Does anyone have recommendations for a source of large, shallow,
stainless steel sinks for paper washing?  I would also appreciate any
advice as to what to look for.

Thank you,
Frank Lehmann
Lehmann Bindery

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