[GBW] email list glitch - New Bookbinding Program Instructor

Eric Alstrom, GBW Communications Chair communications at guildofbookworkers.allmail.net
Thu Jun 28 11:28:50 EDT 2007

Obviously something went wrong with the Shannon's auto-reply.  This happens
from time to time.  Given the timing (at 6:50AM), there wasn't much I could
do.  Just so you know, I do not monitor this list 24 hours a day!  In fact,
I am about a day behind in checking things out.

Let's not get upset at anyone.  Just one of those things that happen in our
internet-connected lives.  At least it wasn't actual spam!


On 6/27/07 6:59 AM, "Shannon Zachary" <szachary at umich.edu> wrote:

> I'll next be reading and responding to email on Wednesday, June 27. For
> urgent assistance with the Library collections please call Conservation at
> 763-2045.
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