[GBW] gold foil

Rollin Polk rpolk1 at grandecom.net
Sat Jun 16 22:54:48 EDT 2007

      Why do you want to use lower heat?   I have many years 
experience with foil stamping, and never heard of this variation.
What I do know is that with some stampers the heat can be regulated. 
Second, there is another way of increasing or decreasing the image, 
and that is to decrease the "dwell."   That means to  lift the handle 
up more quickly.

"Dwell" is one of the three variables in foil stamping.
The second is "temperature", regulated by the thermostat on the press.
The third is "pressure", regulated by raising or lowering the stamping table.

  You can check on the web for foil manufacturers' information, but 
that variation for the foil itself is a new one for me.
                                                 Good luck,               Rollin

>Can anyone help me locate a low temp. foil?

>     I'm looking for a gold foil that transfers at low temperatures.
>I use a kwik print machine and have plenty of regular gold foil, so 
>I guess I'm looking for a foil that transfers at the lowest setting.
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