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I have been experimenting with two new products to help deal with mold 
problems, both of which seem quite promising.  Needless to say, I would 
be very interested in hearing from anyone who has had any experience 
with either approach:

1.  A product called "Nok-out", which actually is stabilized chlorine 
dioxide, that is sold in pet stores to get rid of skunk smell.  
According to the manufacturer, it can be used to get rid of most other 
odors too, including mildew.  It is a liquid that can be sprayed on or 
added to water for washing.  Seems to work, but I am not exactly sure 
how, nor how safe it is to use on various materials.  It is a Canadian 
product, but there are probably similar US products...  Plenty of 
skunks on both sides of the border.

2.  A machine made by Tersano called "Lotus" sold in Canadian Tire 
stores in Canada and in Sharper Image stores in the US that produces 
super-oxygenated water, i.e. with ozone, as a sanitizer.  Claims to be 
effective in removing mold and mildew, causing the bacteria and toxins 
to "explode."  The oxygenated water too can be sprayed on or used as 
wash water.  It too seems to work, but is water based so needs to be 
used on water safe materials...

Of course alcohol (isopropyl) is the old stand-by that is pretty 
effective... and formaldehyde vapor if used properly...

Betsy  Eldridge

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A friend has some papers that have been stored in a basement and have

picked up a musty smell.  They're not valuable--old music scores &

some books. I suggested putting them in a plastic tub with kitty

litter.  Any other advice I can give her? 




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