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Hi Lesha,
I am not sure you want the cheapest PVA, as PVA is a generic term and you 
can get quality or something less.  For most bookbinidng purposes you will 
want a PVA which dries clear, is flexible, and is acid=free.  We have a 
formulation which we call Nicobond that serves these purposes.  It is 
$8/pint; $14/quart.
With regards,
Sam Ellenport
c/o Harcourt Bindery
51 Melcher St.
Boston, MA 02210
fax: 617-451-9058
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> Hi everyone,
> A couple of questions...
> Where's the cheapest place to buy PVA?
> Which PVA is recommended?
> And finally, how does Gaylord's Magic Mend compare to Jade 403? (Besides
> being seemingly cheaper).
> Thank you,
> Lesha Shaver
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