[GBW] Membership renewals

clshunt at aol.com clshunt at aol.com
Tue Aug 7 20:56:58 EDT 2007

I renewed my membership but so far I am still receiving e-mail at this address. My new address is: cathyshunt at sbcglobal.net. I indicated that on my membership renewal but have not received anything at that address. I don't know how much longer we will keep the aol address alive.

Cathy Hunt



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By now, those of you on this list who are active Guild members should have 
received the August 2007 GBW newsletter. Next to your name on the label is a 

If it is 6/07, 7/07 that means your membership renewal has not been received 
yet. You got the newsletter because you are in a "grace" period. We assume your 
renewal is "in the mail".

If the date on the labbel is 8/07, that measn you have to get the renewal in 
soon or let me know that you will be sending it.

If your renewal is not received BY THE TREASURER by Sept 1, 2007 you will not be 
in the directory.

I will be sending out more reminders by e-mail or mail later this week. 

Cris Clair Takacs
Membership, GBW
112 Park Avenue, Chardon OH 44024
membership at guildofbookworkers.allmail.net

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